BA 50

Is a universal section bending machine with Computerised Numeric Control (CNC), can operated manually or automatically, desired output can be accomplished by inputting the desired bending radius into the computer for production of simple bends as well as variable or multiple radius bend.
The electronic control consists of a PLC central 32 bit system for control of the moving of the AXIS A1-A2 and of an industrial computer 650MHz – RAM-DIMM 256MB, complete with HD Compact Flash 1GB. Monitor IOFM – LCD-VGA 15″ coloured screen with active matrix for the interface with the operator, both of them assembled on detached mobile pulpit.
Programs are supported by archiving a variety of material types and profile cross section data as well as by storing the actual bending programs.
Variable radius “PROBENDING ® system” and tangent multiple bends are accomplished by means of blending or interpolating between the different radius.
All machine movements include acceleration and deceleration ramps parameters, unit can invert a bending cycle and then stop, standard program options include mirror imaging of shapes to speed the input time and “tech-in” auto learning functions.
Rise/Descent of the bending roller is ( 0 to 17 mm/sec ) and of profile advance rate ( from 1 to 22 RPM ) are variable and electronically controlled.
Personal computer is linked directly to the machine using the USB or RS-232 serial port with auto diagnostic and automatic set up of the machine.