Cesoia Oleodinamica Am Machinery


AM Machinery hydraulic shears distinguish themselves in the strength, quality of the cut and facility in the use.
AM Machinery shears have a backgauge with a high precision mechanics, a perfect accuracy on the cut of any type of sheet apart from the thickness and the material.
Shears are made with an electric and hydraulic system of new generation. AM Machinery shears are supply with Nuova Elettronica PRG911.

Hydraulic shears are flexible, speed and simple; they have a solid structure, they are intuitive and above all suited for high precision works.
Characteristics of hydraulic shears rocking blade:
Backgauge from 600 to 1000 mm manage by PRG 910 or 911; Wire light cut; Adjustable blade clearance; Back photocells; Beginning cut square; N° 2 sheet supports; Sphere on workbench; Rollaway backgauge for cuts over 1000 mm; Gap cover; Rear gate with opening and security micron; Full worktable.