Accessories and consumables

Accessories, consumables and spare parts for machine tools

Speed and full service of our warehouse in consumables, accessories and spare parts supply, essential to your working activity.

Tools for bending machines

Availability on numerous tools types for press brakes (punches and matrices for every processing technique), tools locker and more.

Besides, we offer to our customers the blade sharpening operations for the shears.

Spare Parts for Plasma Cutting

Torches, consumables and components for plasma cutting.


Round, square and slotted punches and matrices suitable for the most successful punching machines on the market.

TBI Welding Torches

TBI Industries torches for MIG and TIG welding. Complete range of original MIG-TIG-PLASMA spare parts.

HOLCH Welding Torches

Complete range of HOLCH torches for MIG MAG welding with air/water cooling, and TIG with air/water cooling.

Bandsaw Blades

Bimetallic band blades of various types, heights and developments.

Discs and abrasive belts

Wide assortment of cutting discs, emery, flaps, zirconium, corundum and abrasive cloths. We also deal with the supply of angle grinders.

Welding Wire, Electrodes, TIG Rods

Various types of wires for MIG-MAG welding, TIG rods for steel, stainless steel, aluminium.
Common electrodes, special for stainless steel, cast iron and hardfacing and many other solutions.

Accessories for Flame

Pressure reducers, cylinder valves, welding-cutting torches, torch tips, automatic torches, safety valves, portable welding kits, hose nuts, quick couplings and miscellaneous.


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