Pressa Piegatrice Sincronizzata Am Machinery


AM Machinery press brakes are the top machines the market offers. They are made with first quality materials, hardly mechanics and highest performance in order to satisfy the most exigent customers.
There are various model of AM Machinery press brakes distinguish by dimensions, tonnage and productive capacity. It is possible to provide customized press brake for special need: for instance stroke of cylinder, maximum day light and gap increased, backgauge stroke from 600 mm to 1500 mm, interface with different robotics system, punches and dies specially made, etc…

The synchronized press brakes start from 4 axis manage by CNC Esa GV model Kwara S540 or Delem DA66 with USB and complete running of bending process, also from office.
Characteristics of synchronized press brake:
Fast approach: > 200 mm/s; Movement of the backgauge: 140 mm/s; High speed on the transmission of the control from CNC to the machine, with minimum response time; They don’t need of holes in the ground for installation; They bend different types of materials like iron, stainless steel, copper, bronze, aluminum.